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Sharetronix was initially founded by Vassil Mladjov in 2005 as Blogtronix, LLC. As one of the pioneers in the social business software space, Blogtronix was met with considerable adoption as a “custom content delivery and collaboration portal.” After several years of focusing entirely on the Enterprise market by building white label platforms to spec for some of the largest global companies (in telecommunications, finance, and news) Blogtronix released a new version in 2009 which allowed for simple plug and play installations in either a software or SaaS configuration. Later in that same year, Edno23 was acquired, and a robust microblogging platform was introduced to the world, which has since received over 50,000 downloads.

Today, with over 30,000 communities in 170 countries, Blogtronix has adopted the new moniker of Sharetronix, which better reflects our overall mission of allowing our users to more easily share information without being encumbered. In pursuit of our dual-pronged goal to both expand into new verticals within the Enterprise space, as well as encourage adoption among smaller sized teams, divisions, and SMBs, we have assembled a new management team and brought in expertise from both the professional services and financial realms. Moving forward for 2013, we intend to continue to deliver top-notch products for organizations of all focuses and sizes.


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Organize the insight of your workforce with our robust social business platform.

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