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This is how an enterprise social networking user profile of the future will soon look like.

This will be the new Sharetronix Activity graph of the future. An interactive user profiles that shows who you are.

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Sharetronix 3.0 Open Source Social Software

Sharetronix Releases Sharetronix Open Source 3.0

San Francisco, California. November 14, 2012. Today, Sharetronix, LLC announced the release of the latest version of its social software-microblogging platform Sharetronix Open Source 3.0.

The system has been optimized and now includes a powerful apps plug-in architecture for the seamless integration of third-party applications that can be downloaded from the new Sharetronix AppStore. AppStore users will be able to obtain plug-ins built by the Sharetronix professional developers, and also developed by third-party developers, who are part of the large Sharetronix community. Developers will be able to showcase and market their apps and services on the new Sharetronix AppStore.

Sharetronix is hiring PHP and .NET developers

Wednesday, 03 October 2012 19:08
Sharetronix is an American company, developing social software for the Enterprise. Under its old name Blogtronix, it is one of the pioneers in the social business software space. The company has offices in San Francisco, Montreal, and Plovdiv. Currently there are more than 31,000 communities in 170+ countries powered by a variety of Sharetronix platforms.

.NET Developer

Due to continuous expansion of Sharetronix, we are looking for a .NET software developer for our office in Plovdiv.

Employee Engagement and Money Wasted

Today lots of Americans, particularly white collar office workers, are suffering from a pervasive threat to productivity.

Lots of recent studies have quantified this as a "lack of engagement." But ultimately that's just a creative catch-all term for things which we already complain about such as:

- Monotony at work

- A lack of a strong team dynamic

- No positive reinforcement for a job well done

- Managers not listening to employees

- Inefficiency caused by redundancy or just bad operations

and so forth.

One of the key factors to a successful business has always been efficiency. It’s what Silicon Valley thrives off of, and is the core concept behind the dramatic acceleration of everything from microprocessor speed increasing exponentially to the development of software which allows you to virtually automate important business processes. However, efficiency isn’t always about managing big tasks; sometimes it involves using nimble tools to make the everyday minutiae quicker. These are tools which you have that you forget about because they fit in so seamlessly with your day.

News for Sharetronix Open Source v3.0

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 22:58
Sharetronix Open Source

The Sharetronix Developer team is working on a brand new version of Sharetronix, which will be called Open Source 3.0 and its main feature will be the long awaited and requested by you, the users, plugin architecture.

The long awaited version of Sharetronix Developer 2.2.1 has been released today. It includes multiple bug fixes and updates. For a full list of file changes - please visit the What's Newpage.

The latest Sharetronix Developer version can be downloaded from here. Existing customers of Sharetronix Developer Professional and Sharetronix Developer Personal Plus, please login to the Sharetronix Club to obtain a copy of it.

Join us in the Sharetronix Community if you have questions or would like to submit a feedback!

Sharetronix update

Thursday, 03 May 2012 00:00


Since we launched Sharetronix OSS back in the summer of 2009, we have been working with you, our partners, customers, and evangelists to build better social community software. We always pay attention to your demands and try to keep up with your ideas and the changes in social software on the market. I am very excited to tell you about the big changes we are making at Sharetronix today and our plans for the future.

As of today, Blogtronix has been renamed Sharetronix. As you may know, Blogtronix was founded by me back in 2005 and was one of the first Enterprise Social Software companies on the market. Back in 2005, blogging for business was surging in popularity so we felt that our company name fit in perfectly. However, since then our software has changed dramatically to fit the needs of our customers and the evolving industry. We have discovered that while blogs are somewhat static, people are really using social business software to share information at a rapid pace. So, to compliment the direction our product has been taking for the past several years (and into the future), we have decided to adopt our new moniker.

New Sharetronix domains

Friday, 02 March 2012 00:00

Sharetronix has a new domain!

The website is now hosted at and the community

Please update your bookmarks, currently redirects to but this will change in 2-3 weeks, when a new website will be hosted on

All paid users, please note that the new Sharetronix Club url is

Recently one of our Blogtronix Enterprise customers that I have contacted to obtain feedback told me that the system is working as it should, but his users, i.e. his colleagues (they are using the system for internal collaboration) are not very interested anymore. He asked me for advice so I wrote a few quick tips to keep internal users involved. Here is my list (in no particular order):

Sharetronix 2.2.0 has been released

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 00:00

Dear Sharetronix supporters,

Today our dev team released the latest version of Sharetronix 2.2.0. New features include:

* Like on comments (for Pro/Plus version)
* Show more button (as requested by the developers in the Sharetronix community!),
* New Home and Signup pages
* New notification system.

Blogtronix, a leading Enterprise 2.0 software company based in San Francisco, has an immediate need for a highly motivated, detail oriented designer with experience in graphic design and UX. This person should have a flexible schedule and be willing and able to work directly with our EU based software development team. The position will initially be filled on a contracting basis at an hourly rate with the possibility of full-time employment within a few months.

How can a company that employees 74,000 people all over the globe eliminate email? I just completed my "happy dance" when I saw this article. When Blogtronix first started the mission to improve internal communication & help employees share & communicate efficiently, email was always a topic of discussion. Internal discussion ranged from are we crazy for telling people that we can help eliminate email? Is that too futuristic? Too bold? Incorrect? Kudos to Thierry Breton for confirming what Blogtronix has been "pounding our fists on the table" for the several years. Social software improves HOW people communicate. Email is one arrow in the quiver of social communication.

What's new in Sharetronix 2.1.0

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 00:00

Here are the new things in the upcoming Sharetronix 2.1.0 (Professional/Plus/Personal).

Database Optimization
The main thing in Sharetronix 2.1.0 is the improved performance. We have reduced the database and cache queries to improve the speed and reduce the database load.

More data about the Community Leaders

More data about the Community Leaders

There is more data at the leaders tab. You can check how much left you to come closer to the community leaders.

Why Early Adopters Like Social Software

Thursday, 03 November 2011 22:06

New Forrester Research report called The Enterprise 2.0 User Profile: 2011 claims that the social software is still at the very beginning of adoption in Enterprises. Most of the current users are individuals with high incomes and positive attitudes about technology. An article in CIO based on the same report states that 39% of people who use social software say they use it because it's easy to use and relevant, and 38% because the social software is an efficient means for accomplishing tasks. We at Blogtronix are happy to read these statistics, because the goal of our Enterprise Social Software has always been to be user friendly and to increase work efficiency.

Sharetronix Personal on Softaculous

Thursday, 03 November 2011 00:00

Dear Sharetronix friends,
We are pleased to inform you that Sharetronix Personal is now available through the auto installer Softaculous. Now you can install Sharetronix quickly and seamlessly in just one step. The software is located under the section Micro Blogs on Here is also a direct link to the Sharetronix page.

The Benefits of Social Enterprise

Friday, 14 October 2011 21:43

Social business software is not just an intranet. It is a tool that can be a catalyst for engagement and cohesion in any organization. It can transform the old heirarchies of communication, knowledge, and collaboration into a community that is both open and secure, private and shared.

The current trend in the corporate social software field is toward growth and consolidation. Very recently, LinkedIn received its initial public offering and Jive Software is hot on its heels. Over the last year and a half, with the introduction of Chatter, Salesforce has become a major player in the field. The emergence of Jive and LinkedIn is not surprising given their investment teams. Sequoia Capital is a lead investor in both companies, and they have a tremendous presence having funded many other companies, including Google and Yahoo.

Looking for PHP developers in Bulgaria

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 11:19

We are looking to grow the Sharetronix team! If you are experienced PHP developer we invite you to join our team in the Blogtronix office in Plovdiv. See requirements in the ad.

Link to Ad (in Bulgarian)

I want to write about a project that came across my desk recently which does well to highlight the flexibility of social business software. I was contacted by a digital security firm with over 10k employees, 1600 of which are designated as “experts” in specific fields. The company has already developed a hierarchy for these “expertise fields” (of which there are about 1200) which divides the expertise into domains, all the way down to sub-sub-sub-domains. Most “Experts” are experts in more than one field. The company already has a basic system for finding the experts in a specific field, but it is limited and more “Web 1.0” than social or interactive, so they came to Blogtronix.


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