Employee Engagement and Money Wasted- Infographic

Monday, 01 October 2012 19:08

Employee Engagement and Money Wasted

Today lots of Americans, particularly white collar office workers, are suffering from a pervasive threat to productivity.

Lots of recent studies have quantified this as a "lack of engagement." But ultimately that's just a creative catch-all term for things which we already complain about such as:

- Monotony at work

- A lack of a strong team dynamic

- No positive reinforcement for a job well done

- Managers not listening to employees

- Inefficiency caused by redundancy or just bad operations

and so forth.

Running in a smooth workplace actually is very important to job satisfaction (and typically how well work gets done), in many cases even more so than overall salary. While there are many tools which contribute to improving this, social software has started to cement its role in connecting people in the office and facilitating the spread of information.

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Employee Engagement and Money Wasted


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