Introducing Sharetronix ENTERPRISE



Sharetronix Enterprise social business software is designed to raise efficiency by improving the way managers, employees, and clients interact and exchange information with each other.

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Encourage idea generation

  • Establish a critical mass of thought amongst your employees by allowing their best concepts to rise to the top.
  • Follow discussions as they take place on the fly via comments, upvotes, member callouts, and rich multimedia support.
  • Utilize talent by finding your most knowledgeable people via their profiles and contributions and bringing them into the conversation.

Get some work done

  • Construct groups quickly and easily to tackle a project or onboard a new client.
  • Reach out to others with status updates and blogs.
  • Keep the content relevant to you by customizing your dashboard.
  • Make your own tools with a modular interface and full API support.
  • Maintain the structure of your organization with permission/privacy settings, but counteract silos of data.
  • Stay within your company’s policies with LDAP integration.

Preserve expertise

  • Prevent hard earned information from leaving or getting lost.
  • Go back and reference past dialogues for problems which may have been solved already.
  • Add to existing repositories of knowledge such as the wiki and document system.


  • Fully Customizable User Profiles

    Adminstrators can configure user profiles to include any number of fields; even setup to requires specified by HR and the corporate directory. Privacy options can be set by the user to display personal and professional details, along with network activity to according to relationships.

  • Dashboard

    Manage your incoming feeds and keep them relevant with an intuitive dashboard.

  • Advanced Multimedia

    Upload links, images, audio, or video directly into your status update. Users can also directly record video blogs from a webcam into the post.

  • Document Management

    Each group has its own repository where users can upload different versions of documents of any type.

More Features