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User Cover Image

The User Cover Image plugin allows your community members to customize their group and user profiles; giving them their own personal part of your community.

Revolution Theme

A beautiful theme by kambala using the latest design trends, featuring a jade green page background and a picture locket jewel frame for your profile images.

Savanna Theme

An awesome rework of the original Sharetronix theme with wildlife motifs. The login page features a sunset scene with birds flying around an elephant herd.

LightShadows Theme

This "LightShadows" theme is released free for use. We have added some other new design elements, replace the old design with the new one.

Photo Gallery

This plugin allows users to upload pictures to their profile or to their groups. Users can tag and un-tag themselves and tag others in images.

Blog Post

Add a blog to your community. There is no character limit on the blogs. They are located at the community level, and are fully searchable.


Add polls to your community with this polling plugin. Administrators can create polls to gauge the opinions of the community on any topic.

Sticky Message

Use this plugin to set a short (sticky) message to your users on the dashboard. You can choose the font and background color for your sticky message.

Nebula Theme

Gaze out at the universe. The Nebula theme is fully compatible with group and user cover image apps.