The SocialPulseTM and the CorporatePulseTM platforms use the same underlying technology. Additional features in the CorporatePulse platform include a configurable LDAP that can be mapped to your corporate directory, and the option to have have SSO (single sign-on) capability custom developed for your corporate community.
Your Dashboard
Keep track of what your connections and groups are up to using the Activity Feed with Smart Filters on your personal dashboard page. The Sharetronix SocialPulse™ platform allows you to post messages from 140 to 200 characters (depending on your system admins selection), making it perfect for Twitter feeds. Post multimedia files, attach docs and links, add user mentions, and let the world know what you’re up to. Use Expert Search with categories to find what your looking for.
Public and Private Groups
Create public or private groups to match your privacy and security needs. There are no limitations on the number of groups you can create. Invite other users to join your group. With the new User Cover Image capability you can add your own colorful and unique banner to the header of your group. Each group is fully functional and includes collaboration tools, member invitations, member, moderator and admin management.
People Page
The People Page shows all the other members on your site. Filter Tabs let you see at a glance who you are following and who is following you. Find other members in the community, view their profiles and connect with them or send them a message.
Activity Feed
Set up an attractive and personalized header with User Cover Image for your personal page. Your Personal Activity Feed shows your posts and what your followers, and your groups have been up to. Manage your connections and groups from here.
The personal Settings Menu lets you manage your profile information, contact details, profile picture, email address, password, personalize the system language display, enable Activity Notifications and choose if you want them to be as a post, email or both, control your account privacy settings for your profile, posts and messages.
Customize the Network Name and Greeting, set the default Time Zone, Control Post Length (140-200 characters), manage the API, and make the community a Public or Private Site. Add or remove system admins, and delete or suspend users. Enhance your network branding by selecting your own custom Logo and Favicon. Get new themes and plugins from the Sharetronix Marketplace. With over 50+ languages to choose from, you and your users can customize your language preferences . Customize the settings for your cover images.