An Award-Winning Platform and the Ability to Custom Fit that Platform to Your Specific Needs at a Fraction of the Cost of the Typical Subscription Model

We Focus on Adoption - Not Features

Social Software is only useful if it achieves wide adoption. Adoption only occurs if the software fits the use case and works within existing work processes. Sharetronix has nearly a decade of experience helping organizations large and small create Social Software solutions that fit their needs.

We Have the Right Platform to Fit Your Requirements

Whether you are looking for a place to collaborate with friends, or you need a secure platform for your business, Sharetronix has you covered; with two different software platforms and four different licensing models from which to choose, you can find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

The Sharetronix SocialPulseTM software platform is intended for those wanting to build a private social network that will be used by a business to build a public or private community for customers, or to organize events, engage in outreach activities, collaborate and more. Access to the source code is an included option with your license. If desired, you can modify the software for a specific purpose using your own developers, or you can obtain plugins and themes in the Sharetronix Marketplace to enhance the user experience and platform functionality. Support and professional services from Sharetronix are available. All plugins and themes developed by “sharetronixapps” in the Marketplace are available for free with a Business or Site License. A Standard License is available for personal use only.

The Sharetronix CorporatePulseTM private social network platform software for business is built for those whose primary concern is with content and user security. Included are enterprise level features and controls. LDAP and SSO can be added. The source code is not an available option in order to maintain platform security. Use the platform for internal collaboration, or for external partner, vendor or customer networks. Professional integration, development services and support options from Sharetronix are available.

We Bill at a Flat Rate With No Recurring Licensing Charges

The industry standard is to sell Social Software with recurring licensing fees, either on a monthly or annual basis. We believe you should only pay once for your software, which is why we offer the industry’s only standard perpetual license – at a price point significantly lower than the annual fees of other leading providers.. SaaS options are also available.

Our model allows you to use your base Sharetronix platform cost savings for custom fitting the software if needed, to improve adoption and utility; as opposed to paying for features you won’t use. Professional services revenue for the other leading vendors is typically between 10 and 25 percent of product revenue; which can be a significant additional expense if you are already “renting” the software and paying ever escalating annual licensing fees. SaaS pricing is available from Sharetronix if desired.

Our Software is Widely Used and Highly Rated

Sharetronix was founded in 2005 as one of the first companies selling Social Software. Since then, our software has been deployed at Fortune 500 companies, has been installed over 50,000 times worldwide, in over 170 countries and 40 plus languages. We have been placed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 3 times, we earned Martin Butler Research’s top rank of “Superior” for collaborative platforms and we were recognized by Red Herring as a Global 100 Company.